Game changers in patient research

Any effective healthcare marketing strategy must take into account the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, be it doctors, regulators, payers and patients.

However, despite great claims of patient centricity, we often find one of these stakeholders undervalued. One voice all too often overlooked – the patient.

At Decision Architects, we believe achieving a rich, detailed, and insightful view of the patient journey should be the gold standard for healthcare marketers. The patient journey can act as a powerful framework for understanding the market and designing winning strategies. It can form the critical foundation for the disease area, brand and the franchise planning.

And, this is particularly pertinent in today’s healthcare landscape, where we are seeing digital technologies reinventing healthcare across that lifecycle, enabling a more personalised, timely and cost effective treatment journey. This influx of smarter devices, mobile solutions and patient-centred technologies means industry trends are evolving, and by 2020 the healthcare continuum as we know it today will be unrecognisable.

Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the critical issues in an increasingly complex and evolving pathway is essential, and patients can provide the most holistic view of the market dynamic and help to identify priority stages.

It is for these reasons we feel, effective healthcare marketing should start with a patient journey, and over the next few weeks, I want to discuss the ways we are now able to research that patient journey in new and interesting ways, with potentially game changing methodologies. Just as it is in healthcare, where patients and physicians are increasingly turning to digital channels, it should naturally follow that as market researchers we should explore new ways of engaging with them in this environment. We will discuss those technologies, which can bring us closer to the respondent. Technologies, which allow us to explore critical issues in a new light, and uncover previously unknown insight – including mobile, wearable, social and VR technology.

We will start our “game changers” series, next week by discussing the potential of mobile research methodologies, including specific examples of how and why they may be used.