Understanding market dynamics and “where to play?” hold the key to effective market penetration, brand management, strategy and longer term planning. Our Consumer Pathway starts with the identification of consumer needs and market opportunities to help clients identify “where to play”.


Access market intelligence sources, monitoring market movements and industry trends, following social media content… all of which we regard as ‘business-as-usual’ stuff.



Segmentation has always been at the heart of our business.  And because we have amassed years of experience deploying different segmentation approaches for clients, we feel we know what works and what doesn’t. For instance:

  • Many segmentations that ‘fail’ to deliver the expected value don’t do so because of statistical or analytical shortcomings – they fail because not enough thought has been put into design and/or deployment
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ technique. So we are ‘approach –agnostic: we apply the methodology that will best meet each client’s specific goals and objectives
  • Segmentation is not an end in itself: it is a decision making tool. Nothing is gained by making a framework too complex to be actionable (even if it is analytically robust). Pragmatism is necessary to determine the framework that makes sense for the organisation; analysis must be balanced by good judgment. In our view, good segmentation is part art and part science
  • A good segmentation framework will identify ‘where to play’(based on market gaps, profile and an organisation’s desired strategy) and ‘how to play’ (based on attitudes, product requirements and needs)

Our skilled data scientists relish the chance to immerse themselves in CHAID, latent class and MaxDiff whenever the opportunities arise.



Identifying where to play is just the start. Understanding how ones idea or brand fits within the context of an established or potential market space, and then seizing untapped opportunities is essential to drive success. This involves a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, attitudes and mind-sets within identified target markets and furnishing marketers with a clear sense of direction. We support and inform these “how to win?” questions with tools such as:


Stepping outside the box of traditional focus groups, into deep-dive and non-orthodox group experiences which release creativity and original thinking. Creative workshops among identified target audiences can help clients to focus on the true customer experience (and how it should be measured in a meaningful way) provide the stimuli for advertising, effective communications and ideation (generating new product ideas).


Immersed in the principles of behavioural economics and a mission to understand the motivations, influences, mind-sets and belief systems of consumers. We take ‘qualitative’ to a deeper level of ethnographic insight.

Increasingly, Marketers need to demonstrate that they fully understand the underlying drivers of consumer behaviour to resonate with the key ‘moments of truth’ in the consumer journey. We employ assistive techniques to capture insight ‘in the now’ (wearables such as Google glasses, go-pros etc.) not only to capture life as it is, but also to provide visual deliverables, to bring the consumer to life at the end of the day.


Overlaying insight with multi-sourced statistical modelling from the segmentation stage, client databases, external data sources and empirical evidence. Generating models of purchase intentions and different marketing mix scenarios.


All roads lead to this: the output of a project.

Making sure that the findings are both actionable and actioned by internal stakeholders.  For some projects, this is simple.  For more complex programmes such as the creation of segmentation frameworks, a single report or PowerPoint presentation just won’t do.

Our deliverables are constructed to present complex data simply, to visualise and bring to life segments by video-clips and story telling.

We invest our time strongly in the deliverable stage of research and advocate activation workshops with stakeholders to do precisely that. We know that successful implementation starts with immersion leading to an ‘ah-ha’ moment of connection – from which, all else follows, typically exploring and co-creating:

  • Drivers and barriers
  • Competitive strength assessments
  • Challenges
  • Imperatives
  • Actions (brand management, innovation, communication)



Keeping abreast of your own performance and brand saliency within a competitive context, continuously refreshing your proposition and ensuring you have a winning culture internally, are all fundamental to long term success. We support and inform these “how to keep winning” questions with tools such as:


We have a complete armoury of research techniques available to us. With our appetite to seek out leading–edge, innovative techniques we never settle for the standard if there is something better. We are always looking out for ways of getting closer to the ‘in the moment’ consumer truths, tracking the why, where and when of changing behaviour, purchase patterns and attitudes.


Sales volumes only tell half the story. Consumers are constantly subject to the push/pull of competitive products and their own desire to experiment. Providers must be ready to innovate and respond with new products to stay in the game. The ability to undertake regular product ‘health’ checks, being alert to consumer shifts and how these will impact market position has to be part of any marketer’s tool kit.


Access market intelligence sources, monitoring market movements and industry trends, following social media content… all of which we regard as ‘business-as-usual’ stuff.


Capability building and training has been part of our core offer since the business started, with the aim of translating cutting-edge marketing and market research theory into practical tools and applications in the workplace. Workshops are run by highly experienced training teams and typically include bespoke training alongside deployment support and may comprise:

  • helping clients develop their own marketing and research ‘toolbox’, through our capability development work
  • delivering impactful training
  • designing and developing marketing capability programmes (frameworks, processes, tools and ‘how-to’ guides) to improve results and deliver marketing excellence
  • highly interactive face-to-face workshops, coaching and online programmes for market researchers and marketers wanting a better understanding of the research process e.g.:
  • The Fundamentals of ‘New’ Marketing Intelligence: This programme reviews the core principles of traditional market research, whilst demonstrating how these now need to be integrated with new techniques in order to understand today’s consumer.
  • The Insight Professional’s Consultancy Tool Kit: This programme pins down precisely what is meant by consultancy skills in the customer insight context. We focus on nailing the real business problem, creating winning business solutions and enhancing communications, influencing and make-it-happen skills.
  • High Impact Presentations with Story Tools: We show how to construct high impact presentations by applying the Decision Architects Story Tools Framework®. We provide illustrations of how to create compelling presentations by using business storytelling techniques. This programme is available via face-to-face workshop, individual coaching and an online

Capability and training workshops are run in conjunction with DVL Smith, our Partner company.