We work with healthcare clients across the healthcare sector. From medical technology and digital health companies through to pharmaceutical clients. We have interviewed patients, a variety of physicians, medical engineers, nurses and support staff, as well as representatives from national health services around the world.

In recent years our healthcare team have focused heavily on medical technology, including medical devices, implants, surgical and diagnostic equipment.


It’s been predicted that the global medical technology market will grow around 4% annually up to 2020. It’s expected to reach $477.5 billion in size by the end of the decade, making it one of the largest industries in the world. Decision Architects have been a trusted partner to a number of the world’s largest medical technology brands and bring a wealth of research and consultancy experience in this fast paced and ever evolving space.

Our healthcare team is committed to understanding the latest developments in the healthcare sector.


Digital health has been a “buzz” term in the healthcare industry for many years. The definition of digital health has evolved and adapted to encompass developments in mobile health (mHealth), health and wellness apps, sensors and wearables, health 2.0 and social media, eHealth, “big data”, telehealth / connected health, health IT, interoperability and medical imaging. Decision Architect’s dedicated healthcare team is committed to supporting digital and mobile health providers, we provide actionable insights and frameworks to allow their healthcare innovations to reach their potential.

We believe that achieving a rich, detailed, and insightful view of the patient journey should be the gold standard for healthcare marketers.


Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the critical issues in increasingly complex and evolving pathways is essential for marketers. The patient can provide the most holistic view of the market dynamic and help to identify priority stages throughout. In addition, the role and influence of the patient is increasing as the advent of digital and mobile tools bring them closer to the heart of the healthcare continuum as we know it today.