Game changers in patient research

Any effective healthcare marketing strategy must take into account the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, be it doctors, regulators, payers and patients. However, despite great claims of patient centricity, we often find one of these stakeholders undervalued. One voice all too often overlooked – the patient.

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Digital and Online Health Resources: The Trust Paradox

Patients are now willing, able and empowered to understand their own health related issues and conditions through these tools.

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In late 2015, PwC announced their top ten health industry issues to look out for in 2016. Amongst them, cyber security concerns coming to healthcare technology, and rightly so. With more using digital health apps and services, privacy and cyber security will be top of mind for both consumers and providers.

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See behind the wall…

  It was interesting to see that Janssen had closed their Psoriasis 360 disease awareness Facebook page – part of an award-winning social media strategy. Why? According to Janssen’s announcement, this is because an increasing number of comments posted had...

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